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president obama. it is a great victory for us. he is an incredibly capable victor. we do not take sides before we know that we have one single candidate. everyone knows he was a great governor. he led florida with precision. if he is a candidate, we would welcome him. >> is he interested in running? >> i am glad to let him speak for himself. one of my jobs is a chair is to work together to recruit the best candidates that we can. he is high on the list. we will be having conversations with him. >> had had any? >> we are not eliminating any other candidates. >> patty had any conversations leading up to him over the weekend? -- have you had any conversations leading up to him over the weekend? >> florida is led by a tea party governor that is so focused on the white wing agenda he is the not succeed in -- right-wing agenda that he has not succeeded in jobs. they are focused on jobs and opportunities. that means raising incomes for those that have jobs. florida is a great example of a state that need to change in 2014. >> good morning. before you get into the 2014 midterm of elections, you
. no real and insight. the obama administration has a clear policy of avoiding intervention -- real end in sight. the obama administration has a clear policy of avoiding intervention. what do you think should be done more in syria? >> syria is a complex issue. i was the author of the syrian accountability act, which passed both houses of congress and signed by president bush in 2004, slapping sanctions on serbia for the first time ever. -- syria for the first time ever. we knew in 1979 that syria was an acre and a better of the -- abetter of the assad regime. it put sanctions on serbia for doing all these horrendous things, including supporting terrorism, for occupying lebanon, and other things. assad is a bad guy. his father was a bad guy. the assad dictatorship has ruled for 40 years. the have been ruthless in their power. ally in then's main region. i think it would be a blow to iran if the regime were to fall. we are very cautious. we do not want to get involved in any more wars. think it is enough. i do think there are a lot of things we could be and should be doing to help the opp
governor races in new jersey and virginia. obviously in 2009, after president obama's first victory the losses in those two states was a pretty big temp bar ressment to the democratic party. how you thinking of those two races going into next year. chris christie has high approval ratings i don't know if that is going to turn off democrats in running against him. also, what you think of the race in virginia? >> well, you know let's talk about the record here if a second so the viewing audyens knows what is going on here. coming out of the last election there were 11 contested races across the nation for governor. democratic governors won eight of the 11. there were lots of stories how democrats are going to lose those races. we won to races that the press did not expect us to win. we won in new mexico with maggie hassan. we won in montana with steve bullock. he was a real leader, a real job creator, he is going to do great things in montana. we won in washington state with jay insl e! news who has been focused on economic development. we won there in a tight race. we come into this
president obama took office. we're on track to double the debt again in the next four years. it is that debt that's making it harder on our middle class families, making it harder on our economy. as the federal government grows larger and larger, that is what is squeezing our middle class in this country. this is our moment to do the big things. americans have elected us to lead. they elected the president to lead. speaker boehner is ready -- you know, go to the tables, have the negotiations, but the president needs to recognize that we have to address the spending. we have to address the spending. the reason we're talking about more tax revenue is we have spending way beyond what we've been taking in. >> congresswoman, you said something at the beginning of your answer saying, i don't know the details. that is a phrase we have heard from about 434 members of congress this week. "i don't know the details." can you help us understand how these details get filtered fow and then are given to constituents? >> sure. the speaker meets with us regularly. he meets with the house republicans. unfortu
. when president obama makes a decision for the executive branch of government, it is the agenda for that branch of government. speaker boehner cannot really do anything more than the votes he can obtain for any part of that agenda. i have heard very little of any kind of uprising. i certainly would anticipate voting for him. >> you mentioned a little bit about your time in the state legislature in indiana. one of the things i was interested in was, you saw the way that the house worked in the 1990's. you went back to indiana, ran for state legislature, you were elected. what were some of the experiences as someone in the 1990's. -- 1990's? what were some of the experiences that informed the way you conducted yourself as state legislature? >> let me talk about the part of congress when i served in washington. i served in macintosh's committee that dealt with small business. we did a hearing with allied signal in southern indiana. and dennis kucinich and tom romer -- tim romer, both came to this committee to try to get something done there. it was not all cotton candy and rainbows
of this despicable nature of this man and his regime? i call on president obama to tell putin the u.s. cannot and will not engage in a business-as-usual relationship with a regime so utterly destroyed of humanity a regime that deliberately tears about the -- apart the lives of its own children die-- by depriving them of the love of americans who only wish to give these innocents a family and better future. let those in the administration turn their eyes from these outrage explain to these orphans why they must be sacrificed for the sake of good relations with the putin regime. with that, i reserve the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman reserves. the gentleman from kale is recognized. mr. berman: thank you, mr. speaker. i rise in support of s. 3331, the intercountry adoption universal accreditation act of 2012, and yield myself such time as i may consume. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized. mr. berman: i would like to thank senator kerry and my colleague from new jersey for their work on thegs will. this bill ensures american families adopting children
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)